Get the facts about our negotiation with Methodist

BlueCross BlueShield Latest Updates

BlueCross is dedicated to meeting our members’ needs while we continue efforts to reach an agreement with Methodist that would restore access to in-network services at Methodist facilities, including Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1 – Our team is standing by to work one on one to get you the care you need.

We want to keep you connected to the care you need. We’re standing by to connect you with in-network care from Memphis-area providers through our partnerships with Baptist Memorial Health Care, St. Francis Hospitals and Regional One Health.

Until an agreement is reached, the best way for us to support your particular situation is for you to call us using the number on the back of your ID card. If you prefer, you can reach us via live chat on our website or our mobile app. You can find answers to frequently asked questions on our site as well.

2 – We’re working to lower your costs.

If you have coverage through your work or through an individual or Marketplace planMethodist’s own data shows they charge us more than other insurers. Network changes are not something we take lightly, but we must do what we can to address skyrocketing health care prices – because they ultimately impact what you pay for care and coverage.

3 – We offered a separate contract to keep Le Bonheur in network.

In March, Methodist again declined our offer for a Le Bonheur-only agreement, which would provide in-network access to the children’s hospital for our members. Our offer would have supported access for Memphis members while negotiations continued for the system as a whole.

4 – Le Bonheur is the most expensive children’s hospital in the state. 

BlueCross members would get better pricing at any other pediatric facility in Tennessee.

5 – Unlike Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and other providers, our profits are capped by law.

Because BlueCross is a not-for-profit health plan, any savings from a new contract will go directly to lower costs for our members and employer customers in the form of lower premiums.

6 – BlueCross has not and will not cancel any procedures that members scheduled.
If you’re notified by Methodist of a canceled procedure or treatment, please contact us immediately so we can help get you the care you need.

7 – We’ve continued proactive outreach to Methodist to continue negotiations that will lower costs and keep them in network, but they have been largely silent.

We’ve made consistent outreach attempts to Methodist throughout the contract negotiations, with our most recent on March 30. Methodist leaders finally responded on April 13 and indicated a willingness to begin negotiating once again. While this is good news, the fact remains that Methodist has been slow to respond at every opportunity, choosing instead to express their frustration in local opinion columns rather than work toward a solution. This has been especially disappointing as their lack of urgency only prolongs uncertainty for the patients they’ve voiced concern for in the past.

8 – Many of our in-network providers in the Memphis area are nationally recognized.

Our members continue to have access to a wide range of quality care, including services from other Memphis-area providers through our partnerships with Baptist Memorial Health Care, St. Francis Hospital and Regional One Health. Those providers offer most of the same services available at Methodist, especially for adults. And we’re diligently evaluating unique situations that involve requests to continue covering specialized care at Methodist Le Bonheur facilities.

9 – BCBST, Methodist Reached an Agreement for BlueCare Tennessee

In February, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) and Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare reached an agreement regarding BlueCare Tennessee health plans that serve Tennessee Medicaid members. The new agreement supports in-network access to Methodist and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital facilities for members covered by BlueCare Tennessee, TennCareSelect, CoverKids and BlueCare Plus, the Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP).