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One of the most important things you can do for your health is establish and maintain a relationship with a primary care provider (PCP). We’re working hard to keep CommonSpirit from disrupting the relationships between our Chattanooga-area members and their PCPs – or their specialists.

Regardless of whose facilities earn a spot in Blue Network S through our Request for Proposal process, we want to keep CHI Memorial’s doctors in Network S (and all our networks).

BlueCross has separate contracts for health care providers and health care facilities. Think of this as the difference between who you see for regular appointments and where you might go to get an MRI. The RFP will ONLY determine which health system’s facilities earn a spot alongside Erlanger in Network S. We’ve historically had almost all the same doctors in Network S as in Network P – and we want to keep it that way.

We’ve made a provider contract offer to CommonSpirit that includes rate increases for CHI Memorial doctors. If CommonSpirit can’t deliver a winning bid on the hospital side, that doesn’t mean they should break up doctor-patient relationships and disrupt our members’ regular care.

Make your voice heard – use the form below to tell CommonSpirit to let the doctors stay in our networks. Feel free to send this message, or write your own:

Send an email to CHI Memorial leadership: Keep our physicians in-network!

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