Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Keeping Health Coverage Affordable

As of Feb. 8, 2023, Methodist Healthcare and Le Bonheur Children's Hospital facilities have returned to our BlueCare Tennessee networks. We’re working to bring them back in network for Network P and S plans, which support members who are covered through an employer or who have purchased coverage on their own. We'll keep you up to date on our negotiations.

Continuity of Care in Memphis

Why we’re renegotiating with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

March 3, 2023

Following the agreement in February that brought Methodist facilities back to our BlueCare networks, BCBST has continued negotiating with Methodist Healthcare in good faith, seeking greater affordability for our members and much-needed operational change to an outdated contract from 1996.

Both parties have shared proposals within the last month, but unfortunately:

  • Methodist offered us a contract identical to one in December that would not provide the cost savings our members need and deserve. We could not accept this.
  • Methodist again declined our offer for a Le Bonheur-only agreement, which would provide in-network access to the children’s hospital for our members.
We hope Methodist Healthcare and Le Bonheur Children's Hospital will put patients first by lowering the cost burden for BCBST members.
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