Making sure you continue to get the care you need

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If you are currently receiving care from CHI Memorial for a serious condition, we have policies in place that can help should CHI Memorial go out of network.

If CHI Memorial is no longer in our Network S or its leadership chooses to withdraw their providers and facilities from our other networks (Blue Network P, Medicare Advantage, BlueCare Tennessee or BlueCare Plus DSNP) after June 30, you may have the right to continue in-network treatment from their facilities and providers for a limited time. 

Eligible conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Seeing the provider for a serious or complex condition, including cancer or terminal illness
  • Receiving inpatient care that may extend after the provider goes out of network
  • Seeing the provider for pregnancy-related care if you’re in your second trimester or later when the provider leaves our network

If you think you may qualify for continuation of in-network coverage for a limited time, please call us. We are here to make sure you continue to get the care you need. We understand the network disruptions can be difficult. Our customer service teams are standing by to support you.